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Gallery Pages:  Submission Guidelines
Scale Ship Modelers Association
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These pages are meant to provide member clubs a chance to display some examples of their members' models.  This is something new we are trying-- to try to give people an idea about what sort of models your club may be building.   (And because we think a model boat site should have a lot of pictures of model boats and boaters!)

Clubs may submit up to 12 images for posting. Images should be no more than 900 pixels in width.  Depending on how many clubs participate, we may adjust this number up or down.

The SSMA Webmaster has final say on whether or not an image will be posted. Pictures may be rejected due size, quality, or content reasons.

Please make an effort to crop your pictures before sending them in-- people want to see the model, not all the water around it!   Also, in gerenal, photos taken looking down on a model don't look very good-- a low angle shot is usually much better.  (Look at the page for the Marine Modelers Club of New England as an example of best practices.)

Pictures need to have the name of the model and the builder's name.

Images must belong to the person or club submitting them.   Pictures posted here are in the public domain-- if you are concerned about them being copied and used, don't send them in for posting here!

Don't send us 30 pictures and ask us to pick the best 12.  You need to do that, and send the best ones. 

Also, your webmaster likes to actually work on his own models from time to time, so he doesn't want you constantly asking for changes.  Don't be surprised if it takes a while to get your pictures posted!

Send your pictures to the webmaster.